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Snak The Ripper (CAN) + Support: KaSeR

First time ever show in Denmark - Off the rail Tour 2018!

Stepping onto the Canadian hip hop forefront in early 2007, Snak has been kicking up dust all over the country ever since. His debut release self titled; ''The Ripper'', gained hype accross the globe, building his fan base by thousands in less than a year, and went on to sell over two thousand copies digitally and hand to hand in that time. With help from his crew, Snak has been littering the internet with his reality based lyrics, hard hitting beats, and pure abilty to tell it like it is. With over one million views on youtube, its not hard to see that Snak The Ripper is making noise all over the world.

While other rappers only rap about glamour and fantasy, Snak speaks truth and honesty in every single line. Snak has accomplished what most rappers these days could only speak about achieving. His presence is unavoidable on tracks. With prominent delivery, and an incredible ability to describe every filthy thought in his head, he has become known as one of Canada's most dangerous up and coming hip hop artists.

He has rocked shows accross the country, and shared the stage with the likes of RA The Rugged Man, Ill Bill of Non Phixion, Sean Price, Camp Lo, Swollen Members, Cunninlynguists, Choclair, and Moka Only.. just to name a few. His stage presence and showmanship alone are enough to make you want to see Snak perform live again and again. Every time he grabs the microphone, you just never know what is going to happen. Snak is an animal, and he is not to be fucked with! Watch out!'