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Aidan Baker/Simon Goff/Thor Harris - Noplace Trio

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Stengade & Colossal præsenterer Kraut/experimental supergruppen Noplace Trio bestående af Aidan Baker, kendt fra bl.a Nadja, multiinstrumentalisten Simon Goff og Thor Harris fra Swans og Thor and Friends.

The trio of Aidan Baker (CA - also of Nadja) on guitar, Simon Goff (UK - also of Molecular) on violin, and Thor Harris (US - also of Thor & Friends, Swans) on drums, formed semi-spontaneously in the spring of 2017 in Berlin, Germany around the recording sessions of their debut album, Noplace, released in November 2017 on Manchester label Gizeh Records. As each musician is active with a variety of different projects, they each bring a unique yet complimentary sound to the group, combining elements of ambient / experimental, neo-classical, and motorik krautrock to create immersive, atmospheric music moving between both jazz and rock.

Two Songs:
'Tin Chapel' -
'Red Robin' -

Full Album Stream:

Label page:

Selected Press Quotes:

"Were it being touted as a carefully composed soundtrack for a moody art film, which happened to feature a mysterious flying house, I would have no problem at all in believing it. Sliced up into seven tracks that present variations on the themes while being very clearly parts of the whole it maintains a quietly evocative atmosphere."
- Echoes & Dust

"The repetitive nature of the album also makes it inherently hypnotic, and this is the chief appeal (and success) of the album. This is a record to sink in to late in the day, as the final rays of the sun give way to the first glimmers of the stars at night, reveling in the beauty that comes with such slow changes. This is also true of Noplace as a whole; despite being repetitive and hypnotic, at no point does it dwell too long on a melody or movement, with the violin and guitar adding plenty of texture and geography to the solid groundwork laid down by Thor Harris’ percussion."
- The Sound Not The Word  

"A regal air defines the loose improvised dream world of “Noplace” showing off the deft skill of Aidan Baker, Simon Goff, and Thor Harris. Everything simply teems with life, from the uneasy string work to the insistent percussion into the guitars that feel so contorted. Riffs, rhythms, melody: these are mere afterthoughts for the primary focus is upon mood. With everything serving mood it all becomes so incredibly heavy, the way strings soar and it all refuses to follow an easy path. Rather, a weird poetry exists within the work one grounded more in emotion than anything else."
- Beach Sloth

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